Gear is Overrated.


The question that often gets asked to me is ‘what gear do you use?’ … I’m quick to respond and say that it is not too important. Gear is something that is usually regarded as crucial, but is very overrated. My friend Jeff, a fellow photographer with Ready Light Media **(right structure), taught me two important concepts on camera equipment:

- Grow as you grow.

- Invest in glass.

‘Grow as you grow’ is the most important take away from this post. To start out, you do not need the best camera body or a complicated lens trio setup. Start out with a cheap body, and spend a little more money to get a step up from the kit lens. From this point on, it is time to start working on your skill and creating your style. You can check out my next post, Creating Content, **(Italicized) that will be coming out in a few weeks. This post will talk about how to capture amazing portraits and creating a unique style. Regardless, practice makes perfect. You need ten thousand hours in something before you master it **(Fact check this & cite it). Keep shooting all the time, and this experience will help you get better. Trust me. As you move away from being a beginner, it is fine to invest more in your kit. Invest in things that are going to be worth it to you. If you are taking photos of friends & travels, I would not suggest spending five thousand dollars on a kit. Do not overdo it! If you are wanting to buy more gear, I recommend investing in lenses over anything else. Investment in glass will help you in the long term if you decide to upgrade to a full frame system. I started out with a three hundred dollar Nikon D3100. I purchased a nice lens, and after upgrading bodies three more times it still worked for the setup. I shot Nikon gear for three years before recently making the switch to Canon. This was not a very justifiable switch, but I will say my Canon 5D Mk. III does a better job at capturing video than any Nikon body. My current kit consists of the following:

Canon 5D Mk. III
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 Mk. I L-Series
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L-Series
Canon 50mm f/1.4

Paul C. Buff DigiBee 800 w/ Modifers
Amazon Basics Speedlight w/ Diffuser

It has taken a lot of work, but I am very happy with this kit. It gives me the most versatility out of any of the other setups I have had. From wedding photography to music videos, I can cover anything with this setup. The only disadvantage is the weight… It is definitely not the lightest setup. One thing also in my kit is a Fuji Film Instamax **. I picked this little camera up at Goodwill for three dollars, and I love it. It is basically a toy, but it is fun to use. I keep a box of all the shots, and I cannot wait to look back on them one day. This camera is nice because it weighs nothing, and it fits well in the top of my backpack. It is perfect to have stashed and ready to go. It is another way to have a little fun with photography.

Well that is all I have! If you want to get into contact with me, submit a form through the contact page or message me on Instagram. I love hearing from you guys. As always, thanks for checking the blog out. I am not sure if anyone even reads these, but it is fun nonetheless. Hopefully I can find a regular posting schedule for these.