Getting Better.


If there is a will, there is a way. I'm sure many of you have heard this before. Of late, I have had this feeling.. this urge.. to be bigger and better. It is human nature to feel like this, but so few of us do anything about it. I want to change that, and I think I'm starting today. My website is in the process of being renovated. My goal is simple: make it simple. I am a huge fan of minimalism, and I think this new website design will reflect that. Another new concept I want to implement is this! The Blog! Yes, it's about time I get into this scene. From adventures to tutorials, I aim to keep these a weekly/monthly thing. I hope that this is an outlet that I can use to help teach each others about photography. The next post is focused on Lightroom: The Before & Afters. I'm so excited to share some of the "editing secrets" that I have. 

This is just the start of something amazing. I hope that this becomes something, but regardless I'll keep it up.


Bradley Milstone 


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